In 2005 Muzamal Industries invested in a new modern factory, which is internationally accredited and has a production area of 5000 square metres. Our factory based in Cheras, Malaysia is located 30 minutes from Kuala Lumpur and has sufficient capacity to enable us to increase production and add to our range of medical devices. The factory is one of the few in Malaysia that features a Class 100k clean room, enabling us to achieve high levels of safety and hygiene.

We carefully source our raw materials from approved suppliers, and our machinery is tailored to suit the quality levels required in accordance with our accreditations.

Quality Assurance and Control Back to Top

Our focus on quality and quality control is fundamental to our company values. This forms the basis of everything we do, from the quality of our materials, to staff training and production methods.

As well as attaining these standards to fulfil the requirements for accreditation, we aim to sustain our quality standards throughout the manufacturing process as part of Muzamal Group policy. To achieve this aim, we utilise specific testing tools and equipment as an integral part of our quality assurance and control procedures.

Apart from an internal audit, we undergo an independent internal audit by our parent company, Muzamal Holdings and a Notified Body audit, which take place monthly, half yearly and annually.

R&D Back to Top

We work with a number of selected partners and pool our knowledge so that we can adopt new design and production methods aimed at improving the quality of our products. Muzamal also maintains links with key medical professionals so that we are kept fully up to date with market trends and developments. This enables us to respond quickly to the needs of the market.

Apart from internal R&D activities, the Muzamal Group has invested in a dedicated independent R&D resource, which is under the strict control of our parent company, Muzamal Holdings, to ensure etiquette and quality integrity is not jeopardized. At the same time, our sister company, Intaniaga provides continuous analysis on market requirements to enable us respond to user quality demand.

Quality Accreditations Back to Top

Muzamal Industries is accredited in accordance with ISO 13485 and ISO 9001, which has enabled us to obtain the CE mark for most of our products.

We work closely with internationally recognized local universities and international testing labs, which are aligned with the Notified Body requirements.