The Muzamal Group of Companies consists of a holding company, Muzamal Holdings Sdn Bhd, which has three subsidiaries: Muzamal Industries, Muzaglobal and Intaniaga.

Muzamal Holdings Sdn Bhd

ImagesThe company dates back to 1998 when the founders decided to establish Muzamal Industries as a manufacturer of syringes. From this point, the founders decided to diversify in a positive effort to maintain the company’s presence in the medical industry. They therefore formed subsidiary companies, and the scope of each of these was clearly defined.

Muzamal Holdings is now the parent company of the group, and looks after the interests of the group as a whole. This entails establishing policies that the subsidiary companies have to follow to ensure that they conform to the strict quality standards that are part of Muzamal’s company ethos. This also guarantees consistency in the practices of the Muzamal Group as a whole.

Muzamal Holdings Sdn Bhd sets the company direction by providing pertinent information to the Board and the CEO. This allows them to devise strategies regarding investment and expansion for the future positioning of the Group. The parent company also acts as an independent auditor to the subsidiaries and carries out R&D activities. These measures provide double assurances when it comes to quality.

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Muzamal Industries was established in 1998 for the manufacture of single use syringes in a range of sizes, and other related medical consumables. The company has been accredited ISO9001 and ISO13485, and most of our products have the trusted CE mark and now has expanded its product range to related products.

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In line with the Group’s objectives to be a Malaysian manufacturer of medical devices, Muzaglobal was founded in 2009 when sutures were identified as a viable product range. This enabled Muzamal Industries to concentrate on syringes and related devices. Muzaglobal concentrates on the manufacture of Sutcha - sutures, and other wound care products. Although this division of the Group was established very recently, we are already moving towards complying achieving the international accreditations of ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 for its process whilst Sutcha range comply to United States Pharmacopeia (USP) and European Pharmacopeia (EP).

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Intaniaga was formed at the beginning of this millennium. Its main purpose was to promote the Groups products and to explore new avenues for the Group, especially in the medical field. Intaniaga is now regarded as the marketing and sales arm of the group. Its activities involve market research and the promotion of in-house brands and trading products. It now has a European presence in the UK.

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Although Muzamal already exports from Malaysia to overseas markets, we are enhancing our current position in the European market by establishing Intaniaga (UK) Limited in London to enable us to reach this market audience.